Our Wellbeing Programme focus on nurturing ENERGY, building RESILIENCE and creating sustainable SELF CARE protocols

Wellbeing Performance


Many executives are struggling to make hybrid working work. There is a new pandemic and it relates to wellbeing, resilience and energy.

The demarcations between home and the office have been lost and many people are feeling more stressed, more tired and more isolated.

Whilst technology has increased our connectedness and responsiveness, it has also meant that ‘switching off’ has become almost impossible.

Many leaders are experiencing a diminishing of performance and energy at home and at work, and an increasing feeling of helplessness as they struggle to cope.

Whilst many companies are engaging in a positive debate regarding Wellbeing, few are creating meaningful or sustainable change.


Listed below are some common strategic and executional fails:

  • Focusing on working less vs resting and recharging better.
  • Letting the wellbeing agenda diverge from the performance agenda.
  • Trying to solve wellbeing problems for employees vs encouraging them to take personal ownership.
  • A divergence of leadership words vs actions
  • Under playing the role of teamship and belonging in employee physical and mental health
  • A focus that is overly theoretical and lacking in tools that are simple and helpful
  • Failing to articulate, inspire and commit


Is to turn inspiring words into meaningful and sustainable actions

To create individual and collective commitment at speed and scale

Managing a purposeful and strategic three stage process where we:

CONTEXT: Audit each individual and identify the key wellbeing challenges

CONTENT: Provide inspiring expertise, insight and tools

COMMITMENT: Make some individual and collective self care commitments 

No single ingredient can get you there, it’s the combination and sequence that matters

Put your own oxygen mask on first

We begin the programme by inviting individuals to audit their wellbeing and self care across nine key criteria

Self Care Audit

Physical health


How well did I sleep this week?


How much exercise did I take?


How well did I eat and drink?

Mental health


How positive did I feel this week?


How well did I deal with stressful situations?


How much did I learn?

relationship health


How well did I lead my team this week?


How well did I work with my key partners?


How well did I work with and for my line boss?


The combined score across all nine measures gives you your weekly growth score.

Switching on and off

How we like to work

I. With senior clients aligned around a tight brief

II. Using proven tools and trusted speakers that inspire and energise

III. In an environment where people feel relaxed and focused