Our purpose

Inspiring high performance behaviours and growing world class teams

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Our products and audiences

We run LEADERSHIP, TEAMSHIP and WELLBEING programmes with groups as small as 10 and as big as 500.

We are a UK company with clients based all over the world. We work face to face and remotely, often delivering bespoke 12 month programmes.

We focus on creating sustainable behaviours that drive growth. Growth for the individual, growth for the team and growth for the business.

High performance teams



Teams of six to twelve, eight week programme

These three discrete but connected products, share one core objective:



Individual Leaders


12 month programme



12 month programme

In the current environment we are making Wellbeing, Physical and Mental health a key focus.

Wellbeing Energy Performance

Our process

Every client assignment is different, but at the heart of most of the programmes that we deliver is a trusted and proven five stage process. One that embraces difference, forges togetherness and accelerates growth.


1. Purpose and values




3. Teamship Behaviours and Code

Strengths and Work ons

4. Strengths and Work ons


5. Wellbeing and Resilience

Our promise

No bean bags, raft building or trust falls.
Just inspirational stimulus, commercial focus and creative execution.

The Growth House Podcast

Inspirational conversations about teamship, leadership and growth

The Growth House Podcast - Mental Health and Resilience
The Growth House Podcast - Me and We Jim Carroll
The Growth House Podcast - Head and Heart
The Growth House Podcast - Difference and Togetherness Jeff Dodds
The Growth House Podcast - Physical Health and Wellbeing Dr Adam Carey
The Growth House Podcast - Starting and Scaling
The Growth House Podcast - East and West - Chaz Wigley
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I started working with Ben in December 2019. Ben’s structured approach meant that the team was able to discuss, debate, air their views and create a new way forward. We moved quickly from problem statement formation, to issue identification, to detailed planning. The progress on day 1 was staggering. The team was engaged, and energised. Since that first session we have had regular follow up sessions with Ben and his team, the results have been outstanding.
Rob Orr
Executive Director, Virgin Media O2

Ben Fennell and his team at The Growth House are phenomenal to work with.  As a Global Non profit getting our bearings in the UK market working with brands like Unilever, we worked with Ben on a workshop to better align our team, value proposition and our brand and messaging. Both Ben’s expertise has proven invaluable, I think Ben moved us closer to our goals in one day than we could have hoped for over several years! We can’t wait for the opportunity to continue to work with Ben and The Growth House. 

Scott Jackson, President and CEO Global Impact

We had a really powerful two day workshop with The Growth House. We are now extending our partnership with Ben to a 12 month assignment.

Richard Carr, MD, RothCo

Thanks for two really effective and fun days. Any feedback that I have received has been phenomenal. People are now really keen to make things happen.

Patrick Hickey
Founder, Rothco

I truly believe, that the work done in our first session with Ben, created the platform, the beginnings of the culture, and the attitude that has driven the leadership team dynamic, and created real organisational change. Our results speak for themselves. Employee engagement scores of 88% in sales and retentions, and records broken all year long, despite Covid.
Rob Orr
Executive Director, Virgin Media O2

A word on Ben

Before founding The Growth House, Ben Fennell spent over a decade running BBH London as CEO, helping some of the world’s biggest businesses and brands to grow. Businesses like Audi, Barclays, British Airways, Virgin Media and Tesco. During his time as CEO, Ben and his team delivered more than £600 million of revenue for BBH, and £170 million of profit. This growth was powered by exceptionally high levels of staff pride and colleague engagement. Ben is passionate about helping leaders, teams and businesses to grow.

Alexis Nasard
CEO, Kantar

I have had the privilege of knowing Ben for many years, both as a client and as a board member of BBH. The Growth House meets a real need in the market, not least in the company that I manage, and Ben is uniquely placed to drive this to success. He staunchly believes in the notion of getting people to go the extra mile, and he has done this consistently at BBH. Importantly, he has both the intellect and the empathy to identify what motivates and inspires individuals and groups of people. I am genuinely excited by this opportunity, and I have full confidence in Ben’s ability to reframe the offering of such services in the market.

Andrew Crawley
Chief Executive, Avios Group Limited

Having worked with Ben for almost a decade I am familiar with his integrity, passion and innovative approach. All of these ingredients are evident in his new venture The Growth House. With the new UK Code of Conduct requiring companies to pay more attention to the culture and engagement of their colleagues his timing could not be better.

Sally Abbott
Managing Director, Weetabix

Ben has a deep-rooted belief that his business will only be successful if it creates growth for his clients’ businesses. In the 6 years I worked with him as his client, he consistently encouraged us to push for better work, that would be measured by better business results for us – work that works. He aligned his agency’s reward structure to our performance, and he put care and attention into creating an environment that nurtures great collaboration which in turn, drives growth. We won an IPA award in our final year together, so he can deliver too!

Jeff Dodds
Chief Operating Officer, Virgin Media O2

I have worked with Ben for many years in his capacity as the CEO of BBH. During that time he showed just as much interest in growing my business as his own, and in following that approach did a great job of achieving both. At his core, Ben is a fabulous coach who works tirelessly to understand what makes people, teams and businesses tick. He then puts every ounce of his energy into finding innovative ways to help them tick better.