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A closer look at our core products and beliefs

Remote Teamship Workshops


Irrespective of whether we are working remotely or face to face, at a workshop run by Ben Fennell, we develop ideas and actions that create accelerated growth for the individual, the team and the business. We engage guest speakers to energise and inspire in an intimate and informal environment. Please review our carefully selected roster of speakers. We understand that great answers only ever come from asking great questions. So Ben works very closely with the client leader to ensure that the brief and objectives for the day are very precise. This product is often targeted at the top 100 leaders in a ten workshop cascade.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership COACHING

We create bespoke and modular coaching programmes to help the individual to find their unique leadership voice. Whatever stage you are at on your leadership journey, Ben will help to accelerate your growth. Below are just some of the topics that would be covered in one of his programmes: Wellbeing, Personal Purpose, Values and Behaviours, Authenticity, Impact, Difference, Empowerment, Winning, Energy, Delivery and Team Building.

Growth Consultancy


Ben works with business leaders to help accelerate and unlock growth. With 16 years of CEO experience and knowledge from vast range of different categories and markets, Ben will help to define and execute new strategies for growth. Whether you are a start up or whether you are running a £5 billion telco, or 10 person start up, Ben’s methodologies and models for growth will help to move you forward at speed and scale.


We are doing more and more work in the wellbeing space as dispersed colleagues face the triple threat of anxiety, fatigue and monotony. We work closely with our strategic partner, Dr Adam Carey, who is a world expert in the following areas: Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise and Energy.

Physical growth


How well did I sleep this week?


How much exercise did I take?


How well did I eat and drink?

Mental growth


How positive did I feel this week?


How well did I deal with stressful situations?


How much did I learn?

relationship growth


How well did I lead my team this week?


How well did I work with my key partners?


How well did I work with and for my line boss?


The combined score across all nine measures gives you your weekly growth score.

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Leaders need the telescope and the microscope
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