Who we are

Ben Fennell, CEO and Founder

Before founding THE GROWTH HOUSE, Ben spent over a decade running BBH London as CEO, helping some of the world’s biggest businesses and brands to grow. Businesses like Audi, Barclays, British Airways, Virgin Media and Tesco. During his time as CEO, Ben and his team delivered more than £600 million of revenue for BBH, and £170 million of profit. This growth was powered by exceptionally high levels of staff pride and colleague engagement. Ben is passionate about helping leaders, teams and businesses to grow.


Tania Kane is a TV producer with more than 20 years of experience, she has worked across every category and every timeline and budget. She has worked on the world’s biggest brands, at the UK’s most creative agencies: BBH and Mother. Tania is expert at balancing the sometimes divergent objectives of quality, value and speed. She manages the production of all Growth House films. Tania is married with two boys. She is passionate, purposeful and Australian!!


Emily Harris has 20 years of experience in web and graphic design, working both client and agency side. She has worked with the likes of BT, Costa, Virgin Media, BBH, and Ella’s Kitchen. During a Growth Day, Emily designs all of the takeaway assets live so that clients finish the day with their agreements and commitments already captured and crafted. She is married and mother of a daughter, son and step daughter. Emily leads a very active life and is always looking forward to her next physical challenge.


Ben is an animator and illustrator with more than ten years of experience. He has worked with and for many of the best agencies in the UK. Ben has created films for brands like JLR, Halfords and London Midland. Ben has three kids and loves football, running and cycling.


Grace Davis has had over 10 years’ experience in the media and entertainment industry, supporting individuals and businesses. She has an in-depth knowledge of being an EA & General Manager. Grace has successfully built a reputation for not only understanding her client’s requirements, but also constantly exceeding them. Grace leads an active outdoor life with her 2 dogs, boyfriend and close family and loves travelling the world when she has spare time.

Our speakers

At a Growth Day we engage world class speakers in an intimate, candid and interactive fashion.

Kate Richardson-Walsh

Gold Medal Captain
GB Hockey

Sir Clive Woodward

Rugby World Cup
Winning Coach

Maggie Alphonsi

Rugby World Cup

Jeremy King

C&K Group

Brian Bacon

Oxford Leadership

Angela Hartnett

Michelin Star

Andrew Ruhemann

Oscar Winning

Stefanie Reid

Four Time

our partners

We have a small number of trusted strategic partners. These are companies and individuals that Ben has worked with over many years. They bring complementary skills but shared values and standards.

We use the Online Purpose Platform developed by Oxford Leadership. It takes the individual through a series of questions relating to their leadership journey, strengths, work ons, and purpose.

We create our Colleague Films with Black Sheep Studios, BBH’s BAFTA winning production company. These are high speed and low cost assets for colleagues. 

The Growth App has been developed in partnership with Hive Learning. The platform is hosted and run by the leading practitioners regarding colleague energy, resilience, learning and putting behaviour change into action.