What we do

consultancy: Growth Days

At a Growth Day run by Ben Fennell, we develop ideas and actions that will create accelerated growth for the individual, the team and the business. We engage guest speakers to energise and inspire in an intimate and informal environment. Please review our carefully selected roster of speakers. We understand that great answers only ever come from asking great questions. So Ben works very closely with the client leader to ensure that the brief and objectives for the day are very precise. This product is often targeted at the top 100 leaders in a ten workshop cascade, as has recently been the case with Virgin Media.

coaching: bespoke leadership programmes

We create bespoke and modular courses, with a blend of internal and external speakers, designed to help the individual to find their unique leadership voice. The course works best over ten weeks, with a 90 minute session delivered once a week. The course concludes with a half day workshop where each individual presents back their learnings and reflections. The course is most powerful when targeted at the tier 2 leadership group, and has been delivered to groups as large as 70. Speakers can be chosen strategically from our roster to align with the bespoke needs of the business. A recent course had the following module titles: Purpose, Authenticity, Impact, Difference, Empowerment, Winning, Energy, Delivery and Team Building.


We use the Online Purpose Platform built by Oxford Leadership to complement and amplify the impact of our Growth Days. It prompts the individual to reflect deeply about their leadership journey, their strengths, their weaknesses and their sense of purpose. It is an online tool that will urge the individual to reflect on their goals inside and outside of the workplace, and to think fast and slow. All 100 of the Virgin Media leaders who attended our workshops completed the OPP.


We create video assets, at high speed and low cost, that make colleagues feel proud. We do this because we know that colleague pride powers performance, and performance drives customer preference. Communication directed at the internal audience requires creativity and craft, so we engage the best writers and film makers in the creative community to make films for the most important audience of all, colleagues. Our head of production has 20 years of film making experince and is passionate about delivering quality, value and speed. 


We have built a tool that allows the individual to monitor their wellbeing and growth across nine key dimensions. At the end of each week the individual answers a series of simple questions relating to their Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Positivity, Resilience, Learning, and key Relationships. The individual can then choose to privately review their personal data, share their data anonymously with the organisation, or share openly with a trusted ‘buddy’. For the organisation to grow, each individual needs to be measuring and nurturing their own personal growth. This tool will enable that.

Wellbeing tool

We have built a proprietary app to allow the individual to measure their personal growth. It takes 5 minutes to score oneself across nine simple criteria. The data is recorded over time and the individual chooses whether to share it or not. They can anonymously share with the organisation, or buddy up with two colleagues to share openly.

Physical growth


How well did I sleep this week?


How much exercise did I take?


How well did I eat and drink?

Mental growth


How positive did I feel this week?


How well did I deal with stressful situations?


How much did I learn?

relationship growth


How well did I lead my team this week?


How well did I work with my key partners?


How well did I work with and for my line boss?


The combined score across all nine measures gives you your weekly growth score.