How we like to work

I. No bean bags, raft building or post its

Most people have endured a bad workshop experience. We do without any ‘cringe-worthy’ team building exercises. Instead we focus on creating context, candour and commitment. We use action orientated methodologies that ask great questions. Our facilitation never deviates from growth.

II. we use proven tools that prompt leaders to sacrifice and over commit

All of our tools are designed to help individuals and teams to focus on fewer bigger things. Most workshops fail because the follow up and next actions lack clarity and precision. We agenda in such a way that the end of a ‘GROWTH DAY’ becomes the start, not the end of a process.

III. Context and environment matters, So we pick our venues carefully.

We will always host our Growth Days at venues that are convenient for our clients, but we also try to create a commute and working environment that is conducive to breakthrough thinking. One potential venue is the venue shown below, near Wokingham. It is less than an hour from central London and 30 minutes from Heathrow.