Our purpose

We help leaders, teams and businesses to grow

We translate purposeful leadership into fierce commercial resolve. We do this by embedding, amplifying and activating the growth narrative of the business at speed and scale.

Our promise

No bean bags, raft building or trust falls.
Just inspirational stimulus, commercial focus and creative execution.

Our numbers

Growth Days

At a Growth Day run by Ben Fennell, we develop ideas and actions that will create accelerated growth for the individual, the team and the business. We engage guest speakers to energise and inspire in an intimate and informal environment. Please review our carefully selected roster of speakers. We understand that great answers only ever come from asking great questions. So Ben works very closely with the client leader to ensure that the brief and objectives for the day are very precise. This product is often targeted at the top 100 leaders in a ten workshop cascade, as has recently been the case with Virgin Media.


Below are some examples of the kind of briefs that we have received:

I need to embed and activate our purpose to my top team. I want our purpose to have daily utility and application.

I have a new commercial strategy that my core team do not yet feel any emotional ownership of. Understanding our growth plan isn’t enough, I need them to really own it.
My senior team is much better strategically than it is executionally, I need greater focus on excellence in delivery.
I have a new team, in its early stages of formation, that needs to come together very quickly.

My senior team is not acknowledging or embracing the positive difference that I have created within the group.

We are about to take a fair bit of cost out of the business and I need to make sure that my senior team is behind me and that I take out the right costs, in the right places, in the right order.

I need to know my senior team better, and they need to know me better.

I need greater commercial awareness, understanding and focus within my leadership group. I need to better align their activity to the growth agenda of the business.

I need to better balance my trading and brand building agenda, and I need my senior team to really drive this shift in strategy.

A word on Ben

Before founding The Growth House, Ben Fennell spent over a decade running BBH London as CEO, helping some of the world’s biggest businesses and brands to grow. Businesses like Audi, Barclays, British Airways, Virgin Media and Tesco. During his time as CEO, Ben and his team delivered more than £600 million of revenue for BBH, and £170 million of profit. This growth was powered by exceptionally high levels of staff pride and colleague engagement. Ben is passionate about helping leaders, teams and businesses to grow.

Alan Jope
CEO, Unilever

I have worked with Ben for the best part of two decades.  You will not find a leader-coach who is more principled, more purposeful, more emotionally engaged, or more passionate about helping others.  He has shown this commitment to help at an individual, at a brand, and at an organisational level with only one focus … RESULTS.   Ben’s track record of delivery quite simply speaks for itself.

Catherine Lynch
Chief People Officer, Virgin Media

As the CPO of Virgin Media, partnering with Ben and the Growth House team on our new Leading with Purpose programme has been a hugely positive experience for all involved. From our C-Suite exec team and throughout the Top 100 senior leaders to my own Leadership Development folks, the feedback has been universally about a credible commercial focus, adaptable style and pacey engaging delivery.

Helped by the relaxed luxe environment of the Barn all the teams have embraced the development experience and emerged as teams connected with what really matters for their next stage in the journey.

Alexis Nasard
CEO, Bata

I have had the privilege of knowing Ben for many years, both as a client and as a board member of BBH. The Growth House meets a real need in the market, not least in the company that I manage, and Ben is uniquely placed to drive this to success. He staunchly believes in the notion of getting people to go the extra mile, and he has done this consistently at BBH. Importantly, he has both the intellect and the empathy to identify what motivates and inspires individuals and groups of people. I am genuinely excited by this opportunity, and I have full confidence in Ben’s ability to reframe the offering of such services in the market.

Andrew Crawley
Chief Executive, Avios Group Limited

Having worked with Ben for almost a decade I am familiar with his integrity, passion and innovative approach. All of these ingredients are evident in his new venture The Growth House. With the new UK Code of Conduct requiring companies to pay more attention to the culture and engagement of their colleagues his timing could not be better.

Sally Abbott
Managing Director, Weetabix

Ben has a deep-rooted belief that his business will only be successful if it creates growth for his clients’ businesses. In the 6 years I worked with him as his client, he consistently encouraged us to push for better work, that would be measured by better business results for us – work that works. He aligned his agency’s reward structure to our performance, and he put care and attention into creating an environment that nurtures great collaboration which in turn, drives growth. We won an IPA award in our final year together, so he can deliver too!

Jeff Dodds
Chief Operating Officer, Virgin Media

I have worked with Ben for many years in his capacity as the CEO of BBH. During that time he showed just as much interest in growing my business as his own, and in following that approach did a great job of achieving both. At his core, Ben is a fabulous coach who works tirelessly to understand what makes people, teams and businesses tick. He then puts every ounce of his energy into finding innovative ways to help them tick better.

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